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"Home Buyers Information Guide"

The most comprehensive guide no home buyer should go without!

It takes you through all the steps house-hunting through to organising your move by means of guides, checklists, spreadsheets and more.

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Are you prepared for the worst?

Insurance claims hurdle for Flood Victims

It was stated on the ABC News on 20/1/11 that some Insurance Companies were asking for photos and description of all items being claimed for.

This is what Contents Secure is all about.

Home and contents insurance is sometimes taken for granted, but if you lost your home and contents through fire, storm, flood, theft or any other natural disaster what would be the consequences to you and your family?

This period is often one of high anxiety and stress, usually occurring at the most inconvenient of times. If it does happen to you, how will you handle the situation?

What could you have done to alleviate any further financial and emotional stress during the claim time?

We cannot prevent a lightning strike but we can certainly help you recover.

Don't wait until it's too late.

"Why do I have Contents Insurance for my home and/or business?"

To recoup losses when a claim becomes necessary. [More]

"When should I prepare to make a claim?"

Now...After the event it's too late as most evidence, documentation and photographs could already have been destroyed. [More]

"How should I prepare for a claim?"

Contents Secure provides an on-line archiving system that allows you to store all details of your contents. This is a 2 part system... [More]

"What information is required to meet a claim?"

The Contents Secure system will guide you through the details required but we suggest you check with your broker or read your “Product Disclosure Statement” ( PDS ). [More]

"How important is the security of your data to you? "

Contents Secure utilises multiple servers located in different geographical positions both within and outside of Australia. Your data... [More]

Our free booklet "How to prepare for an Insurance Claim" is available for download (registration required) Click here

Being prepared for the worst is simple with

Being prepared for the worst requires a little effort at the beginning, but it will save you and your family unnecessary duress in the event of a disaster. Our system is designed to simplify the process, is extremely easy to use and priced painlessly.

Some hints to help you in your time of need;

  • As soon as possible, build an inventory of all your household contents. This will give you a more accurate valuation of what you have in your home instead of merely guessing at the overall value. This will ensure that you get the full insurance cover.

  • At the same time, take photos of your valuable items (where possible include a date on the photo). These photos will assist at the time of claim, as all information is at hand.

  • Have your inventory list and digital photos stored at Contents Secure.Com's servers, so that they are not easily damaged and can be accessed quickly. This will make the claims process very easy.

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