• Easy for you to maintain a complete and accurate record of all contents including values.

  • The system enables you to more accurately determine the true replacement value of your possessions. This will prevent under or over insurance.

  • Safer storage of your records. Records are stored in separate databases and you also have a separate database to hold photographic records of your possessions. A special feature of the system is the complete separation of your photographs, inventory list and your registration. These three parts are kept in separate databases. As we do not store addresses it becomes impossible for anyone to find the location of your valuables.

  • Easy to update.

  • You will always be prepared in the event of having to make a claim. No Stress.

  • An email will be sent every 6 months as a reminder to update the inventory if any new purchases have been made.

  • This will allow for accurate assessment of insurance cover needed at renewal time.

  • As Contents Secure is a Web based program, it will run on practically any computer. This means that no special Hardware or Software is required AND you can access your information from anywhere in the world.

Remember, the reason you take out contents insurance is so that you may restore as closely as possible your possessions to the situation you enjoyed prior to the unfortunate event (fire, flood, burglary etc.). Most people can only guess at what they have lost in such situations. You will have the complete list AND the correct cover!

The system will smoothen the claim process.


Be prepared now instead of waiting till you have to make a claim.