Q. What is Contents Secure?

Contents Secure is a Web-based data storage facility that specialises in the following:

  • Easy to use Inventory Programme that allows the user to store records and details of all contents for Home Contents Insurance purpose.
  • This will allow you to make more accurate valuations of contents so that insurance cover is taken at the right level.
  • Allows photographs of all valuable items to be stored on the server and retrieved in the event of a claim.

Q. How does it work?

Compiling Inventory of all Contents

  • It is suggested that this is carried out room by room. It will take some time to compile all information initially, but once completed it will be easy to keep updated in the future.
  • By placing replacement values beside every item, an up to date valuation of all contents will be available at any time, especially at renewal time of the Insurance cover.
  • Additions and deletions can be done easily and total replacement value is instantly re-calculated.

Benefits of Placing Photographs in the System

  • It will assist with proof of ownership.
  • When photos are retrieved at claim time they can be enlarged to show in detail the "contents" in that photo.
  • Consider a Bookcase full of valuable books. The insurance company could ask you to name all the books in the collection. This would be very easy with a blown up photo of that book case.
  • The same applies for a collection of CD's or DVD's

Q. Is it safe?

  • Contents Secure utilises multiple servers located in different geographical positions both within and outside of Australia. Your data and backup are stored in separate locations.
  • We do not request for (hence do not store) your address or telephone number. This ensures that there will be no link between the contents you record in the system and their location.
  • To further enhance security, we store your name and email address in a totally separate database – away from your contents record.