Our Story

During the floods in NSW & Queensland in November 2008, many people lost all their possessions and, sadly, all documents and photographs as well. As a result, they had nothing to support their insurance claims. The same situation occurred during the bushfires in Victoria in Jan 2009.

Although these were major disasters in Australia, even bigger catastrophies had been happening and continue to occur around the globe. As well, there had been many thousands more that went unpublicised.

In our immediate surrounds, hardly a day passes without the sounds of fire trucks racing to yet another emergency.

It's the nature of an emergency – you do not expect it to happen to you!

Geoffrey Boyd, a long-time financial planner and insurance advisor with a major Australian bank, observed many of these claims disputed, delayed and drastically scaled back – through no fault of the Insurer. Nevertheless it was still heartbreaking seeing the disaster victims going through yet another stressful ordeal. The inescapable truth is that claims simply have to be substantiated. Insurance companies cannot pay on a claim simply out of pity.

At the end of the day, it is entirely the individual's responsibility to ensure adequate and safe recordkeeping as well as taking up adequate insurance cover. How is a busy homeowner to do this?

He approached his friend Francis Chuah, a software developer and former senior manager of a public company, to come up with a solution.

Here it is – Contents Secure.com

We cannot prevent a lightning strike but we can certainly help you recover.