Photo Storage System

The Photo organiser has been installed in Contents Secure to assist you as follows:

  • To assist with proof of ownership at the time of a claim.

  • To assist with the identification of various collections that are either small in size and/or large in number. These could include:-

    1. Bookcases.
    2. DVD or CD collections.
    3. Hallmarks on collectibles.

Why would you need this?

Let's assume there is a large collection of Books or DVD's on site. Should there be an insurance claim against these items the Insurance company could ask you to list every individual item. This would be a huge task.

The benefits of safely maintaining a photographic record of your possessions can be seen below, when you can magnify the photo to bring out all the small prints etc. (Click on the image for a larger view)

Slides "Light Box" view of your photographs.
Zoom1 The system allows for each photo to be viewed by itself. Let's take the collection of CD's in the bottom row, second from the left (Light Box above).
Zoom2 Let's now look at what happens when we magnify the photo.
The enlarged photo can be panned around the screen to obtain titles of all the CD's.
Zoom3 As mentioned earlier let's look at how the system can help with “Hallmarks”.
Zoom3 By taking a close up of the Hallmarks of these valuable crockery, a real value can be readily substantiated. All you need to do is turn one piece from each set upside down and photograph. As discussed earlier these photos can be magnified.
On-screen zooming in is easy.

Be prepared now. Don't wait till you have to make a claim.