How to use the Contents Secure System

The system is for recording all items in your home and keeping this record in a safe location, the purpose being to help you prove your case whenever you have to make a contents insurance claim.

You will find the process of recording the information very simple. We suggest that you go through your home from room to room photographing all round each room (including the kitchen, garage etc.). With the help of these photos, going room by room, gather the receipts for as many of the items as you can. You will then be able to very quickly enter the items in your personal database which is held in one of our secure servers. It is important that you enter the replacement value (the invoice price for relatively new items or an estimate for the others).

The total replacement value entered is calculated and displayed at the top of your item listing. This total is the value you should insure your contents for. If you insure for less than this value, depending on the policy, at time of claim, the insurer will most likely reduce payment on your claim by the percentage by which you have under-insured.

You should upload the photos to the photo database. In addition to these, items of special value like jewellery, stamp collection, books, antiques and other collectibles should be photographed and the image files uploaded for safe-keeping.

Detailed data-entry instructions and screen shots may be downloaded here.